New Patient Info

Your First Visit with SmileMakers

Welcome! Your first appointment will introduce you to orthodontics, discuss your needs and give you information to help you get started. Here are the steps to a great first visit:

  • A member of the team will provide you with a tour of our office, as well as an introduction to our team. We will take a first set of records to begin to determine the best course of your treatment. These records typically include a medical & dental history, photos, and a clinical examination.
  • Our doctors will use your dental history forms and your diagnostic records to develop a custom treatment plan that is best suited for your individual case.
  • You’ll get to meet our doctors to review your case and make treatment recommendations. If you are interested in moving forward with orthodontics after your first visit, we will book you a follow-up appointment where we will take radiographs and a 3D digital scan of your mouth to determine the full treatment plan.
  • Once the treatment plan is confirmed, we’ll discuss all financial information, insurance options and payment plans available.